Dick's Twisters.







  2010 is a very important year in the history of Pomost International.  It celebrates our twentieth year of running our Summer Program in Conversational English in Rzeszów, Poland.  It has been a fruitful collaboration of several elements.  


  The city officials of Rzeszów have given full and generous support ever since they made their initial decision to have our program in their fair city.  This support has continued over two decades now and several administrations.  They have made our participation a joy and pleasure.


 We should also acknowledge the Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych, which has provided us with a place to hold our program.  It is difficult to explain how their assistance, office support, and space allotment has aided us in the program.


 Another component of the success of the program has been our students of all ages and educational backgrounds.  Over the years we have taught over 2000 people.  This is an accomplishment which we share with the students themselves.  Without their interest, support, and participation the program would not have succeeded.


 And we must also acknowledge the past and present members of Pomost who by their participation and donations have made Pomost possible.  Many of our members have been volunteer teachers and have enriched our program over the 20 years.