Dick's Twisters.

 POMOST INTERNATIONAL, an association of people interested in learning about the life and culture of Poland and other Central and Eastern European countries and in sharing American life and culture with others, was founded in 1990 in Buffalo, New York, by Dr. Richard Sokolowski. Dr. Sokolowski, a native Pole and a career professor of modern languages, wanted to help Poles learn English. He organized a group of people of various ages and from many walks of life to serve as the first group of Buffalo volunteers. POMOST INTERNATIONAL members are all volunteers who pay annual membership dues. Those who participate as volunteer teachers also pay their transportation to Rzeszów, Poland.  Although the group received invitations from many parts of Poland, the decision was made to choose Rzeszów, Buffalo's Sister City. The first POMOST INTERNATIONAL Summer program was very successful. Dr. Sokolowski devised our format of teaching the English through conversations and workshops on topics related to American life and culture. Since that first summer  there have been many new Americans and several thousand students participating. Each program is as unique as the teachers and students in that program.


 Pomost International is now starting preparations for its 2010 summer workshop.  We have also sponsored 2 workshops in Kyiv, which were well received.  A third session is being investigated.


 The members of Pomost meet monthly, either at a fixed meeting place or at a members house.  The members are friends and enjoy working and visiting with each other.  People interested in Pomost may contact

our Corresponding Secretary at                                    csect@pomostinternational.net


Dr. Richard Sokolowski